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Zhenya Rock (ZEEROK band) about Val Gaina

Igor: ZEEROK Recently yours truly chatted over the phone with Zhenya Rock to discuss some ideas and additions to the ZEEROK web site. In the process I decided to conduct a short interview with him. (M) We know a live CD and DVD from the band's performance at the Whisky A Go-Go is in the works. Aside from that, are you involved in any other projects? (Z) I met this very interesting guy, Val Gaina. He is a true Metal God from Russia (he rocked stages that we couldn't dream of!) He now lives in LA and works as a producer. We talked about producing four songs for Russia, so it is very exciting. He also is very nice guy, a musical genius (M) Anything you'd like to say to your fans and to those who may not have heard of ZEEROK? (Z) I agree with Tony, "We're only limited by our own imagination". FOTO

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